Contact Lenses

VALLEY VISION specialises in all latest technology lenses. The team operates in Eltham.

Over the past decade, contact lenses have gained much popularity. Nowadays, many people prefer this type of eyewear over the traditional eye glass. If you want to wear contact lenses, visit us at VALLEY VISION soon.

When It Comes To Eyewear, Professional Advice Is A Prerequisite

Whether they are glasses or contact lenses, it is necessary to consult an eye specialist before you choose to wear any type of eyewear. However, as contact lenses are worn directly in the eyes, it is even more important to get a doctor's advice and prescription. If you just buy any product because you like the colour of the lenses, you may have to bear some serious and utterly unwanted consequences.

Go For Quality Lenses!

Our specialists at VALLEY VISION will perform your eye tests and prescribe the right lenses for you. We also stock the best and latest lenses available on the market. Thus, you can be sure to get top-quality and high-end products from us.

Get Contact Lenses That Are Meant For Style & Comfort!

Care For Your Lenses Like You Should

To be able to benefit to the maximum from your contact lenses, you have to follow usage and caring instructions carefully. Our practitioners care for your eyes, you can trust them to provide you with the best eye care and advice as to how to handle contact lenses properly.

We promise that you won't be disappointed for choosing VALLEY VISION.