Optometrist Montmorency

Valley Vision is a leading name in optometry. For the past twenty years we have been providing top quality treatments for eye-related conditions, both for children and adults.

Taking care of your eyes.

An optometrist is a health care professional specializing in optical conditions. He examines and treats eye-related disorders, injuries or diseases. Our leading optometrist has more than twenty years of loyal service in this field. At Valley Vision, we have state of the art equipments to diagnose optical problems through eye screening and full vision tests. We then provide the right treatment, whether it is a case of cataract, poor vision, myopia or any such problem affecting the eye and eyesight of the patient. We also ensure a regular follow-up of each case.

Taking good care of your eyesight is as important as taking care of your health in general. So if you are in Montmorency, do not hesitate to come to us for a screening or a check-up.