Contact lenses Eltham

At Valley Vision, we keep improving our services and range of products to provide you the latest in terms of optical solutions and accessories to improve your eyesight.

Latest designs of glasses and contact lenses for young and old.

Contact lenses are thin medical lenses placed directly over the eye to correct a poor vision. These lenses are preferred by many instead of glasses because of its functionality and aesthetics. Among the many advantages contact lenses offer is the fact that they provide a better all-round vision, which is normally blocked by glass frames. Also they can be used where glasses are normally avoided, for example during sports activities. Just like choosing the right glasses, choosing the correct contact lenses also should be done in consultation with an optometrist. He will suggest the right type depending on the level of vision.

Do not take the risk of buying unrecognized brands of lenses as they may do more harm than good to your eyes. So contact our team at Valley Vision if you are in the Eltham area. We will give you the right advice and the correct product.